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Mike (Michele Amenta) Mike with the mic

Italian Tour Leader speaking english, french and spanish
Technical Manager for Travel Agency & Tour Operators

    +39 347 7789292  

    www.amentamichele.it    micheleamenta@gmail.com 




  -  Tour leader   (Group travel by coach + ship / plane)

   in 2022
 May 08-15 (FRE) Venice and Veneto
 May 18-25 (FRE) Tuscany and 5 Terre
 May 28 -June 05 (ITA) Authentic Sicily + Egadi islands
 June 09-18 (USA) Wien - Oberammergau - Munich
 June 26 -July 03 (ITA)  Authentic Sicily
 July  09-16 (ITA) Bordeaux and the Atlantic coast
 July 17-24 (ITA) Authentic Sicily
 Aug.07 -Sept.04 (AUS) Grand Tour Europe
 September 11-18  (FRE) Northern Italy Lakes
 September 19-23 (FRE) Apulia
 September 26-30 (FRE) Northern Italy Lakes
 October 01-05 (AUS) Venice - Florence - Rome
 October 07-15 (FRE) Naples - Capri - Amalfi - Apulia


 - Netherlands (twice) Boscolo Tour by bus & airplane - 8 days
 - Normandy and Brittany Boscolo Tour by bus & airplane - 9 days
 - Amsterdam, Flanders and Rhine  Boscolo Tour by bus & airplane - 9 days
 - Sardinia (twice) Boscolo Tour by bus & ship/plane - 8 days
 - Sicily - Classic Tour (4 times) Boscolo Tour by bus & ship/plane - 8 days
 - Authentic Sicily (3 times) Boscolo Tour by bus & ship/plane - 8 days
 - Aeolian islands Boscolo Tour by bus & ship/plane - 7 days
 - Cinque Terre & Tuscany Boscolo Tour (for french) by bus  - 6 days
 - Milan, Venice and Lakes Plus Belle l'Europe (french T.O.) airplane & bus - 8 days
 - Daily excursions Ciao Florence  Tour Leader in english,
   from Florence to  CAF Tour & Travel french, spanish 
   Tuscany and Liguria My Tour and rarely in italian
 - Madrid and Andalusia Pagliarini VIaggi all bus - 10 days
 - New Year's Eve in Paris Pagliarini Viaggi all bus - 7 days
 - Paris and Loire's castles  Top Viaggi Srl Bus + ship - 10 days
 - Paris and London  Top Viaggi Srl Bus + ship - 14 days
 - Benelux (3 times)  Top Viaggi Srl Bus + ship - 10 days
 - Liguria and Côte d'Azur  Armando Galea Viaggi e Turismo Train + bus - 9 days
 - Rome and Assisi  Armando Galea Viaggi e Turismo all bus - 8 days





Languages (passion and predisposition)

- Master in "Business Economics and Management"
- Qualified  "Technical Manager of Travel Agency"
- Qualified "Tour Leader" (authorized by Italian law) 
- Qualified "Tourist Services Operator"
- Technical Diploma for Surveyors
- English:  Excellent / Fluent
- French:  Excellent / Fluent
- Spanish:  Excellent / Fluent
- Romanian:  good enough
- Russian and German:  Basic not good enough
Level of computer knowledge: Programmer / Webmaster
Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Front Page, Access), and programming languages Html and Asp,I have created websites with e-commerce (payment by credit card or bank transfer

-       Excellent managerial and organizational skills

-       Predisposition to "problem solving" and teamwork
-       Availability for business trips both in Italy and abroad
-       EXPORT MANAGER: training course (Shipping, International Contracts and Customs Regulations)



    In summary:

 -          I started working in tourist villages as an entertainer and sports instructor,
 -     after a two-year course I worked as a Tour Leader/Guide of Sicily for french tourists
 -         Tour Leader for italian groups, traveling by bus, train, ship and plane in Europe,
 -         then "Tour Organizer in Travel Agency", and I got the qualification as 
 -         Technical Director for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in 1989
 -         Contract Manager and Sales Manager for Tour Operators specialized in groups of students and adults
 -         Owner and Director of Travel Agency in Rimini and Tour Operator in Bucharest (Romania)
 -     For work reasons I lived in Oxford (GB), Paris (F) and Bucharest (RO)
 -     Tour Leader on multilanguage tours of Tuscany and Liguria, in english, spanish, french and italian 


other experiences in tourism

-    Sports instructor (Valtur Brucoli - Villaggio Capo Alaua)  (3 seasons)
-    Entertainer (Hotel Club Zagarella) and Chief Entertainers (La Perla Jonica)
-    Tourist Guide and Tour Leader of Sicily in French (Aerotourisme)                     (3 seasons)
-  Travel Agent                                                                                                          (3 years)
     -    Sale at the travel desk for individuals and “ad hoc” travel arrangements 
         (Cagidemetrio Ancona and Incontri Europei  Macerata, Travel Agency)
-  Contract Manager    (7 years)
       For Tour Operators specialized in group travel for adults and students
       (based in Rimini and in the Republic of San Marino)
- Tour  Organizer   (Arrow Jet – In Tours Rimini)  (4 years)
   Organization of trips to sea and thermal rest holidays for adult/3rd age groups
   (Municipalities and Associations)
 - Manager and Organizer in the sectors
    -   Tourism: Purchase and sale of tourist packages
    -   Shopping Tour for Russians: (wholesale: Clothing, Footwear, Leather, Machinery and Equipment)
- Owner of Travel Agency-Tour Operator                                                       (5 years)
    -    Rimini : Ponte Tiberio Viaggi  
    -    Bucharest : Marco Polo – Incoming Tour Operator e corrispondent for Romania 

I traveled a lot for work and I know well:

     -  Italy (all) - Spain (all) - France (all) - Austria (all) - Romania (all)
     -  London - Oxford - Amsterdam - Brussels - Munich - Berlin - Budapest - Bucharest and Prague.


my experiences in other areas

 -  Teacher in private lessons for the use of the Personal Computer, Internet and Social Network
     (MS Office - Windows - Internet - email - Video Conference - Facebook - Google - Excel ...)
 -  Expert Consultant lessons for students of the 4th and 5th year (Istituto Tecnico Alberghiero) 
    in Hotel Marketing and Tourism Marketing
 -  Interpreter at fairs and events (Best Union Rimini) in English - French and Spanish
 -  from 2009 to 2015 owner of a company specialized in the organization of Conferences, 
    Seminars and Professional Training Courses in technical and administrative sector,
    in collaboration with National Training Institutions and Professional Associations throughout Italy



I authorize the processing of personal data, including sensitive data, in accordance with the law in force,      

only for professional purposes

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