few words about me ?


in summary:

- Authorized "Tour Leader"

- Master in Economics and Business Administration

- Technical Director for Travel Agency

- Qualification as an operator in tourism

- Surveyor's Diploma

Passion for work and predisposition to languages, I speak fluently English, French and Spanish and I know also few words in German, Russian and Romanian

I'm a webmaster (I create and manage websites)


If you want to know more, I'll talk to you a bit about me:

... to the question: "Who am I?" I would answer .... One, none and a hundred thousand (as Luigi Pirandello would say)

I am proudly Siculo, NOT Sicilian (there are many historical-cultural differences, character-attitudes, as well as culinary-traditions, but few Sicilians have studied the true history of Sicily, so few know the differences or the reason for them) as in other regions of Italy there are differences within, for example ... ask a Romagnolo if he feels Emilian ..... ;-)
Few Sicilians know the true history and origins (Siculis and Sicans, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Bourbons and Piedmontesi or as we call them .... Savoiardi) but many know the difference between Eastern Sicily and Western Sicily, try to ask a Catanese if he feels similar to a Palermo (or vice versa) and you will notice the answer. 

in short:
- the Siculis starting from the Balkans, crossed the whole Italian peninsula and settled in the eastern part, pushing the Sicans towards the west, about 3000 years before Christ, then they were colonized by the Greeks (VIII century BC) and then by the Romans (II century BC . BC), have a commercial, open and hospitable nature.
- the Sicans (= Sicilians), subsequently colonized by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Arabs (from the VIII to the XI century AD - period of their maximum splendor) ... have a nature and culinary traditions more similar to the nearby Maghreb Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, etc.) not even two centuries of Norman domination have managed to erase its closed and distrustful nature 


Back to me .....


Thanks to the passion and predisposition for languages; I speak English, French and Spanish fluently I also know also few words in German, Russian and Romanian ...... there are those who also count Italian among foreign languages, certainly Sicilian is my mother tongue.

I obtained the Master in "Economics and Business Management" in 1997 and I have been Technical Director for Travel Agency since 1989.

Born on August 2, 1960 in Syracuse, Graduate Surveyor in 1980, thanks to a seasonal work experience, I decided not to undertake the studies of Engineering, but to devote myself to tourism, discovering passion for culture and attitude to foreign languages.

I attended a two-year technical training course for Tourist Guide in French, studying among the various subjects: history, folklore and Sicilian culture, topics that the national textbooks ignore, I learned to appreciate my hometown, Syracuse, a favorite city from Archimedes, which was the third power of the Mediterranean after Rome and Athens, and the places of my childhood, always deprecated by a state television that offends all Sicily and the Sicilians, showing them as the third world to milk the coffers of Italy.

Born and raised a few steps from the Greek Theater of Syracuse, I remember childhood games, among the early Christian caves, the catacombs of the 1st century after Christ, the Roman Amphitheater and other monuments, at the time, abandoned and poorly valued.

After the military service I decided to move to England to learn English, working to support myself, I lived about 9 months in Oxford, initially I worked as a waiter, then I was hired in the municipal pool of Oxford as a Lifeguard, thanks to “Lifeguard patent” obtained during the military service. I then returned to Italy to start a long career in tourism, I learned Spanish and I attended a training course for simultaneous Italian / Arabic translator.

First and only experience "Politics" I was part of the Christian Democrat Cooperative funded by the European Community and Italy, the project is interrupted halfway because of the greed of the political sponsors of the initiative that demanded more and more bribes.

Disgusted by Italian politics, I moved to Paris at the age of 26 where I lived for 6 months.

Back in Italy with some commercial experiences abroad, I returned to tourism obtaining the national patent of Technical Director of Travel Agency.

He learned webmaster techniques for the realization of the first SIP telematic system (Videotel - internet ancestor)

In 1990 I opened my first individual company: VIDEOTUR (Turismo in Videotel) and "thanking" the Amato Government for the "minimumTax" I decided to close after the first years because of the high taxes required by the "socialist" government.

So I'm back to collaborating with international tour operators and I'm in charge of the acquisition and negotiation of tourism services in Europe.

In 1997 I attend and obtain the Master in "Management and Business Economics", directing tour operators specialized in organizing trips and stays until 2002.

Short teaching experience at the Istituto Superiore per Turismo of Senigallia as an expert consultant in Tourism Marketing and Hotel Marketing

Owner of the "Ponte Tiberio" travel agency in the center of Rimini, and of the "Marco Polo Serv" Tour Operator in the center of Bucharest (Romania) where I lived for two years. (2004-2006)

Owner of "Operative Services" specialized in "Organization of Professional Training Courses in classrooms connected by videoconference" from 2009 to 2015  


I returned to do the most beautiful job in the world, "Tour Leader" in English, French, Spanish and .... Italian with license.


"the first love is never forgotten"